285(2)   Thy kingdom come, O God
Words:  Lewis Hensley   Music:  Leighton George Hayne
Piano Intro
Organ Intro

1   Thy kingdom come, O God,
     Thy rule, O Christ, begin;
     Break with thine iron rod
     The tyrannies of sin.

2   Bring quick thy reign of peace,
     Bring purity and love -
     Then shall all hatred cease;
     Bring joy from heav'n above.
3   We pray thee, Lord, arise,
     And manifest thy might;
     Revive our longing eyes
     Which languish for the sight.

4   Oh! haste the promised time
     When war shall be no more,
     Oppression, lust, and crime
     Shall flee thy face before.
5   O'er Gentile lands afar
     Thick darkness broodeth yet:
     Arise, O morning Star,
     Arise, and never set.